Summey Industries

Designing & Building Your Dreams with Integrity.

We are a general contractor like no other. We've built our business on integrity, trust, and a customer-first attitude. We exist to bring your dreams to life.


Who we help...

We help people with both residential & commercial projects. Kitchens, Bathrooms, additions, your new business, or just those nagging home repair items that never seem to get done. No matter the project we approach it with care and purpose.


How we help...

We work really hard to understand the motivation behind each project. We care so deeply about the people we serve that our guarantee goes far beyond simply accomplishing the project and complying with municipal code. We guarantee your happiness.


Where can we see your work?

We blog about all of our projects and we upload lots of photos to Flickr. We also have several clients that will let you take a look in person.

Do you provide references?

Sure thing. Just use the form below to start a conversation with us and we'll schedule a call or visit as soon as it is convenient for both of you.

How do we start?

Contact us through the form below and we'll schedule a time to come out and learn about your project. From there we prepare a proposal for your consideration and assuming we're a good fit we start talking about scheduling.

Giving Back

One of our core principals is giving back to the community. To learn more about how we do this click here.

Check out some of our work!View more on flickr


Summey Industries works hard to understand our clients dreams, and work even harder to bring them to life. Satisfied clients is our goal, but our purpose is to honor the Lord in all that we do.


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Our Amazing Team

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Tim Summey

Tim learned a lot about carpentry & life first from his Grandfather who was a contractor. In 2008 Tim moved back to Texas and started Summey Industries.

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Saul Mastel
Trade Specialist

Saul grew up in North Dakota learning from his dad who owns an HVAC company. Customers love him because he is affable and sounds so cute when he says "eh."

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Greg Boothe
Project Manager

Greg grew up working on the family farm, worked for a big three accounting firm right out of A&M and now contributes all his amazing skills to our projects.

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Clay Kelly
Trade Specialist

Clay grew up in Lake Highlands and is our resident fence expert. He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and training dogs in his spare time.

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Dana Douthit
Office Manager / Interior Design

Dana is an extremely talented administrator and the glue that holds our organization together. She can also guess your birth order with astounding accuracy.

Make sure to check out our blog and our work on Flickr